Monday, December 10, 2012

A week in review

It has been a long week here at The Sharps. D has been off in Gladstone working and I have been busy at home, missing him like crazy. Thankfully after a very long and eventful Saturday, I picked him up from the airport at 7pm. I was so glad to see his face.

The week recapped:

Let me start by saying food wise and exercise wise, I FAILED! I lived on a lot of gunk, and except for the 2 walks up to the shop to Monday buy gunk I sat on my big behind all week.

Monday and Tuesday were spent at work, and then getting home and hibernating. Our trainer was off sick and we all just played the Sloth and relaxed. Tuesday night I did a little bit of shopping.

Wednesday arvo I went shopping, enjoyed just browsing, and enjoyed the fact that I was able to walk around. I picked up some cute stuff. I also picked up some suck-em-in pants, which were intended for my Christmas party.

Thursday night was my work Christmas party. I can say that I felt pretty good, I wore a dress, did the whole makeup think and had a bit of fun. We went to Fentons in Ipswich, and from Santa I received some anti aging cream and a jar of baby food. Hopefully thats a good omen of what is to come.

Friday night was pretty lazy went shopping again and picked up pillows, by this stage I was missing D like crazy and was starting to mope. Luckily he arrived home Saturday night.

So I have a heap of Instagram pics that I will put up later. But to hold myself accountable for the week, here are my goals.

* Get back on track with food, 80% on plan
* Exercise at least twice, besides with Andy
* Another blog post
* Next chapter of my uni text.

I am woman, here me ROAR!!

moby xoxo

Monday, December 3, 2012

Lonely without hubby

So D has gone to Gladstone for the week, and I am lonely without him. I like coming home to him, waking up beside him and just having him around. By tomorrow I will be over it and just enjoying the time :)

I am struggling with 12wbt, ultimately because I am being lazy. I will cook up tonights dinner and tomorrows lunch tonight. But I need to make sure I follow it to the letter. Its the 3rd week, im only starting tonight...grrr.

PT has been going great, our trainer is sick tonight, but we have been loving it. I now just need to up the daily training and clean up the food and then I might actually get somewhere! Besides moping about being lonely I have been trying to do more research into etiquette and deportment, but just too lazy and way too tired :(

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Round 4..Here I come

So I have decided to do another round of the 12wbt. Last round I got down 10kg, this time I am hoping for 15kg. I have been eating so badly so really want to focus on a change of eating for this round. We are looking at following the vegetarian meal plan due to D's belly, so it should be very interesting. I will look at both the vegetarian and standard recipes and just get the best that I can.

We have a Personal Trainer now, Andy comes to the house every Monday and Tuesday night, and Dave and I are starting to ride. We need to pick up helmets tomorrow night. I have a good feeling about this round, I want to smash it. I want to be in the top 15%. I am going to have a birthday party for the 30th, that will be the end of January, I want to look as amazing as possible. It will be a rockabilly style party. I want to wear something like this:

get some gorgeous hair and makeup happening and just feel like a million dollars. Should be heaps of fun, but more on the party planning later. Time to get some sleep.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chasing Snow

Here in South East Queensland there are a few places that get snow, Stanthorpe is one of them. I have never ever seen snow, so each year we wait, hoping it will be the year we get to see it. Last year we hearf an inkling that there might be some, so packed the car at 1 in the morning to make the 3 hour trip, only to turn around at 5 a little disappointed. Last night the weather man predicted it again. It was a little different this time. As we are living with my parents we asked my mum and sis if they wanted to tag along. They said yes, but suprisingly my dad joined in and wanted to go. Sp instead he booked us hotel rooms and breakfast and we took off at 8. It was a fun drive and cosy in the hotel, but again, no snow. Well maybe next year :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A week of instagram

So my instagram pics

1. Beyond Blue depression booklet... Just a little about awareness. I am realising I need to do a lot of reading in the coming months to help build my knowledge.

2. Sushi... This is a new love. I love the chicken and the vegie one :)

3. D's running intolerance list. Red meat and rice flour has been added to the list.

4. The Charlaine Harris books, Im up to number 3 in the True Blood series.

5. Roses from hubby

6. Flowers from hubby. Gorgeous colours.


Moby xoxo

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A lil bit of romance

Every fortnight D does the shopping and every fortnight he brings home flowers :) This fortnight I was given white, yellow and red roses...beautiful! Some might say that it gets old, but after so many years (and I don't get them if I do the shopping lol) I still love it. The room looks brighter, it feels lovelier, and I absolutely adore it.

These don't cost a fortune but really make a difference. It works out around $10 a week, or 3 coffees ;). Small things can definitely make a difference.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Good Luck today to my gorgeous mother and my spunky hubby. Both are waiting on call backs for job interviews. Life will definitely b a whole lot easier if they are both working. Fingers crossed everyonexxxxxx